Sannabis, Inc.

John Campo is President of Sannabis Incorporated, a producer of medical marijuana products in Colombia, South America. Mr. Campo is also President of New Colombia Resources, Inc., a resource company that holds a large stake in Sannabis, Inc. Sannabis works with the indigenous community in the Cauca Department of Colombia, the largest marijuana growing region in the country. Colombia is known to have some of the most sought after medicinal strains as well as a climate and position along the equator that allows them to enjoy a year-round growing season. Colombia legalized medical marijuana in 2016 and implemented regulations in 2017, before that Sannabis grew medical marijuana on an Indian reservation allowed to grow their sacred medicinal plants.

The first legal crops are expected to harvest this year in Colombia to supply the world with high quality, low cost medicine. Mr. Campo will speak about Sannabis' efforts to educate the indigenous communities on the benefits of medical marijuana to steer them away from illicit crops like coca. Sannabis has successfully treated many patients from adults with cancer to children with epilepsy, their line of products include, extracts, creams, and topical salves. To view their catalog visit,