Our mission

How do you prepare for issues that arise during the boom of a publicly approved emerging industry?

Seek out the brightest, most influential and forward-thinking individuals engaged in this new market, and provide them the necessary format to address concerns and nurture ideas; Thus creating a body of leaders guiding the industry towards a value driven future through social integration . . .

The Cannabis Economic Forum

Message from the Director

Marijuana businesses exploring philanthropy will find some non-profits reluctant to accept their help. That's because the industry has yet to acquire the benefits of full legalization.

Until that day arrives, the benefactors in this business will need to find more creative ways for the communities to benefit from their economic success. Considerations vary from investing in clinical research to housing the homeless.

Free support for the needs of veterans is a classic example, as well as scholarships, outreach programs and endowments.

Mental health issues plague many underprivileged communities. Being part of a solution here can enrich the lives of countless individuals shunned by the stigma of ill minds.