Why The Forum

The Necessity for Responsibility

The lingering need to address the social impact of the Cannabis Industry is the root cause of the Cannabis Economic Forum. To date, little to no attention has been paid to the societal benefits of this expanding market. That’s because it barely exists. This has generated concern of some in power, who feel the only ones benefiting are the dispensaries. The publicity attributed to the extravagant behavior of some, experiencing their new found wealth, has fostered an image of greed, creating angst towards the industry as a whole. This makes it more difficult to get Washington " on board " and compromises the effort towards legalization.

The Forum, with its coalition of responsible industry representatives, maintains an objective of social integration; A key element of its platform directed at ethical behavior. By developing a set of standards and practices that embrace an Ideal, we can strengthen business and expand our horizons. CEF will tirelessly engage these issues in order to change Washington’s perception. The Cannabis Economic Forum is that element of change Nowhere in the industry, has there been such a collective effort!